Tough Truths For Tech Vendors: Media Owners Explain What They Really Want To Know

Thursday, 22 March at 3:20 PM

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The avalanche of ad tech offerings continues apace – DMPs, DSPs, video distribution, sentiment tracking, CRM packages. Everyone is trying to sell their tech to media owners and marketing directors. But do they have the inside track on what the people making the decisions really want to know when hearing a sales pitch?

Sales directors and marketing chiefs hear ad tech pitches day in and day out. They didn’t reach their positions by being susceptible to smoke and mirrors and or being unable to determine snake oil from business-critical tech. What will get their attention and stop their eyes glazing over at the first slide deck? What tech do they really need to stay ahead in their highly competitive sectors?

This panel will feature senior marketing and sales executives from major media companies and brands ready to critique sales techniques and give some hard-hitting advice. It should be a must-attend for anyone in sales in ad/martech looking to get through the door and talk the language of the C-suite.
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Martin Loat Founder Propeller Group

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